Hon'ble CM's Appeal

We have created history as we laid the foundation for our ‘Amaravati’, the Peoples Capital on 22nd October 2015. We aspire to make Amaravati a true people's capital, a destination of opportunities and a city of the future. Amaravati beckons us to rededicate ourselves in this mission. I invite you to join me in building our Praja Rajadhani "Amaravati" brick by brick "

Donations (Brick cost Rs.10)As on : 22-02-2019

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Dear Donor, Due to administrative rules and regulations from RBI and payment gateway issues, we are accepting only Indian payments as of now. Thanks for your kind co-operation.

About Amaravati

Amaravati, the People's capital of Andhra Pradesh, is envisioned to be a city of world-class standards with a vision of increasing Andhra Pradesh’s prominence in the world. The Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) is leaving no stone unturned to provide cutting-edge infrastructure, comfortable livelihood and immense prosperity for the People of Amaravati. The Land Pooling scheme adopted by Amaravati is the largest and the most successful of its kind in India, and is a manifestation of the people's desire for a world-class capital. The A bricks initiative is, but a natural step in the direction of People participation in building a true people’s Capital Amaravati.

Masterplans of Amaravati

Partner in Development of Amaravati

DIRISINA AVINESH-50 A Bricks,Kosaraju sudhakar-5 A Bricks,P vamsi krsihna yadav-5 A Bricks,VEMULAPALLI PARVATHI-50 A Bricks,GIDDI LAKSHMAN-7 A Bricks,vijayalaxi-1 A Bricks,T VIJAYA LAKSHMI-1 A Bricks,Sravani-10 A Bricks,Vanteru Mohan-10 A Bricks,Vanteru Mohan-10 A Bricks,PULURU SURENDRA VARMA-3 A Bricks,Ranjith Kumar A-3 A Bricks,murali-10 A Bricks,t priyanka-1 A Bricks,SRIHARSHA-1 A Bricks,Gangavarapu praveen kunar-10 A Bricks,AJAY KUMAR CHOUDHURY-100 A Bricks,ASHOK KUMAR M-3 A Bricks,JAYANTH BATTI-1 A Bricks,Chanakya Nalajala-1 A Bricks,Yasuhide Nagamatsu-20 A Bricks,SHOHEI HOSOKAWA-20 A Bricks,Sankara Narayanan. K-11 A Bricks,Rangaswamy-1 A Bricks,YALAVARTHI KOTESWARA RAO-11 A Bricks,Nishant Vemulakonda-10 A Bricks,BEVARA GANAPATHI-1 A Bricks,P RADEEN KUMAR-10 A Bricks,MAHESHWAR REDDY PASAPALA-3 A Bricks,Penumaka Jayaraju-100 A Bricks,CHINTHALAPUDI VENKATA REDDY-4 A Bricks,CHINTHALAPUDI VENKATESWARA REDDY-11 A Bricks,RAJESH PALA-3 A Bricks,Chidipudi srikanth reddy-1 A Bricks,Chandra sekhar pitchala-1 A Bricks,Deepanshu Mittal-100 A Bricks,Maruthi Reddy-10 A Bricks,M s v ganapathi-2 A Bricks,Rachel Vijaya-3545 A Bricks,E PARTHSARADHI-1 A Bricks,Deepak Negi-1 A Bricks,Sudha Chandra Mouli-11 A Bricks,babu-20 A Bricks,chinni venkata raja shakeram-100 A Bricks,m r tulasamma-10 A Bricks,suresh babu saparam-10 A Bricks,SRINIVASULU CHEREDDY-7 A Bricks,Dinesh-10 A Bricks,Srinivas-100 A Bricks,CHINTHAGINJALA VENKATA RAMANA-102 A Bricks,USHOODAYA MAHILA GROUP VINUKONDA constituency-1000 A Bricks,girish allada-10 A Bricks,Ramachandran Seetharaman-10 A Bricks,geetam xerox-1 A Bricks,DIVYA MEKA-1000 A Bricks,CHANDRA BABU POLINA-100 A Bricks,PAIRDHA MARK SATHISH-20 A Bricks,NIDAMANURI GOUSE-5 A Bricks,Desu pushpa latha-100 A Bricks,Vallamsetty Raghavendra Rao-10 A Bricks,vankara siva prasad-100 A Bricks,vankara nooka raju-100 A Bricks,Hari Prasad-250 A Bricks,YIMMIDISETTY SUBRAHMANYAM-200 A Bricks,Ravikiran Meka-1000 A Bricks,P VENKATAIAH-10 A Bricks,Gnani Yalamanchili-10 A Bricks,S LATHEEF ALI-10 A Bricks,GODI MANIKANTA SAINADH REDDY-5 A Bricks,B BHASKAR-100 A Bricks,Saraswatula Somasekhar-50 A Bricks,NALAM SESHAGIRI RAO-10 A Bricks,B Dwarakanath Sai-5 A Bricks,Naveen Gare-1 A Bricks,S V Raju-10000 A Bricks,Penumarthy Sivagopal-50 A Bricks,Manoj. T-10 A Bricks,Devarakonda Vijay Chandra Sekhar-50 A Bricks,Surya Teja-1 A Bricks,BlueLife TechnoSciences India Private Limited-116 A Bricks,Mohan-1 A Bricks,KATTA SRUTHI-5 A Bricks,NVV VINEETH-5 A Bricks,Gude Nagarjuan-1 A Bricks,SESHASAIRANI-1 A Bricks,TEST TRANSFER-1 A Bricks,KARUKONDA NARASIMHAMURTHY-10 A Bricks,pavankumarreddy-2 A Bricks,K Phani-100 A Bricks,SRINIVAS DEVA-5 A Bricks,Sreenivasa Rao Chinni-100 A Bricks,DAMODHARAN-20 A Bricks,AKKINENI SUVARCHALA DEVI-1000 A Bricks,Makineni Suresh Babu-2 A Bricks,Karthik Manyam-100 A Bricks,Mallipeddi gopikrishna-100 A Bricks,Jv chandra sekhar-10 A Bricks,Nagalatha M-10000 A Bricks,Sandeep vemparala-10 A Bricks,Sudheer Kumar Muppalla-10 A Bricks

52200 Amaravati Bricks, 10/15/2015 10:12:37.003

Dirisina Avinesh,
50 Amaravati Bricks, 22/02/2019 1:11PM

Kosaraju Sudhakar,
5 Amaravati Bricks, 22/02/2019 12:12PM

P Vamsi Krsihna Yadav,
5 Amaravati Bricks, 22/02/2019 6:34AM

Foundation Stone Ceremony of Amaravati

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Lenin Center , Governor Pet, VIJAYAWADA - 520002 , ANDHRA PRADESH - INDIA.

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