Hon'ble CM's Appeal

We have created history as we laid the foundation for our ‘Amaravati’, the Peoples Capital on 22nd October 2015. We aspire to make Amaravati a true people's capital, a destination of opportunities and a city of the future. Amaravati beckons us to rededicate ourselves in this mission. I invite you to join me in building our Praja Rajadhani "Amaravati" brick by brick "

Donations (Brick cost Rs.10)As on : 21-10-2017

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Dear Donor, Due to administrative rules and regulations from RBI and payment gateway issues, we are accepting only Indian payments as of now. Thanks for your kind co-operation.

About Amaravati

Amaravati, the People's capital of Andhra Pradesh, is envisioned to be a city of world-class standards with a vision of increasing Andhra Pradesh’s prominence in the world. The Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) is leaving no stone unturned to provide cutting-edge infrastructure, comfortable livelihood and immense prosperity for the People of Amaravati. The Land Pooling scheme adopted by Amaravati is the largest and the most successful of its kind in India, and is a manifestation of the people's desire for a world-class capital. The A bricks initiative is, but a natural step in the direction of People participation in building a true people’s Capital Amaravati.

Masterplans of Amaravati

Partner in Development of Amaravati

Darapureddi Aswini-3 A Bricks,Deepesh Pandey-1 A Bricks,Priyanshi Shukla-1 A Bricks,Deepesh Pandey-2 A Bricks,reddy srinivas-50 A Bricks,Bharadwja Phani Kumar Kolluri-50 A Bricks,Amara Lithya Sri-6 A Bricks,Mahesh-10 A Bricks,syed firoz sulthan-10 A Bricks,shaik mahammad yusuf-6 A Bricks,devadoss-10 A Bricks,Gopi Srinivasulu-10 A Bricks,Rakeshkumar S-10 A Bricks,Bharadwaj Aryasomayajula-10 A Bricks,VATTIKUTI RAMBABU-3 A Bricks,MANYAM THULASIKUMARREDDY-5 A Bricks,BONTHU SHINY-1 A Bricks,Lakshman Kumar-1 A Bricks,Madamanchi Kiran Kumar-10 A Bricks,T vijay bhaskar reddy-1 A Bricks,Nama subbarayudu-1 A Bricks,P S SUDHEENDRA KUMAR-1 A Bricks,Karuna Pundari Kaksha Reddy-1 A Bricks,Poojitha Manikanta Reddy-1 A Bricks,M. Ramya Sruthi-1 A Bricks,E THARUN KUMAR REDDY-1 A Bricks,Prasannanjaneyulu Narisetty-101 A Bricks,Regadi sudhakar reddy-10 A Bricks,Naman Mittal-9 A Bricks,Hemanth Obula Reddy-15 A Bricks,Vijay Kumar Reddy Yerragudi-10 A Bricks,G Rajasekhar sharma and Udaya Lakshmi-10 A Bricks,KASI SRINIVASA RAO ARUMANDLA-24 A Bricks,Mukundarao Gummadi-1 A Bricks,ALTI DIVAKAR-10 A Bricks,SURESH KUMAR KIMIDI-5 A Bricks,Raviteja Konathala-5 A Bricks,Suresh Mathrapu-50 A Bricks,RAJAVENKATARAMANAAVVARU-100 A Bricks,DEVARAJU RAVI-1000 A Bricks,V Babu Kiran Kumar-1 A Bricks,kara srihari seshakumar-100 A Bricks,venu dasari-10 A Bricks,Hitendra Kumar-101 A Bricks,sanjay jain-100 A Bricks,ARZA VENKATESWARA RAO-100 A Bricks,VENUGOPAL JAKKANNAGARI-2 A Bricks,Gopimanikanta Vankadhara-2 A Bricks,Mani kanta-2 A Bricks,SURESH BABU SAPARAM-10 A Bricks,GUJJULA VISHNUVARDHAN-1 A Bricks,SRIKANTH KAKARAPARATHI-1 A Bricks,Phanindra Rudrapaka-10 A Bricks,PATHAN MAHAMMAD VALI KHAN-10 A Bricks,THADIVAKA GOPI KRISHNA-100 A Bricks,Boppana Venkatanarayana-101 A Bricks,Ronak Maheshwari-1 A Bricks,Sreedhar Chunduri-5 A Bricks,Modepalli Praneed-70 A Bricks,Ravula Guru Prasad-100 A Bricks,Saibabu-1 A Bricks,Immadisetti Lakshmi Narasimham-10 A Bricks,Lakshminarayana-50 A Bricks,M E Lakshmana Reddanna Batchu-90 A Bricks,PULI SREENIVASULU-10 A Bricks,AWLPP7277K AWLPP7277K-10 A Bricks,AMRIT KUMAR JAISWAL-10 A Bricks,RAJESH GANDHI-30 A Bricks,Maruthi Sura-10 A Bricks,Taruna Bhaskar U-9 A Bricks,Narendra Yendru-50 A Bricks,YAMALA SANDEEP-8 A Bricks,SURESH BABU SAPARAM-10 A Bricks,Jwala Prasad Gupta-1 A Bricks,AMARA ARUNKUMAR-10 A Bricks,Saktiprakash AIRPA4901D Acharya-10 A Bricks,Deepthi k-50 A Bricks,Yougesh Challa-100 A Bricks,MVS RAMESH-100 A Bricks,PINNIKA PALANKAIAH-5 A Bricks,Grandhisila Raghavendra rao-1 A Bricks,Bhargava Nadupalli-10 A Bricks,CHITTURI PRAVEEN KUMAR-1 A Bricks,CHITNEEDI ADINARAYANA MURTHY-1 A Bricks,CHITNEEDI BCSPA9034P MURTHY-2 A Bricks,Motupalli Anjaneyulu-1 A Bricks,duddla srikanth-4 A Bricks,L Mahesh-2 A Bricks,KASI SRINIVASA RAO ARUMANDLA-24 A Bricks,Venkat Valluru-6 A Bricks,M S KUMARAN-1 A Bricks,Narendranadh Chowdary Pinnamaneni-1 A Bricks,Naresh K-5 A Bricks,Gurusideswar-11 A Bricks,Dr. KANNAN B T ME MBA Ph.D-10 A Bricks,Thejaprakash-4 A Bricks,BATTUVENKATA RAMANA-10 A Bricks,koya sriram kumar-5 A Bricks,mohan reddy-8 A Bricks,ATLURI VENKATA RAMANA-10 A Bricks

52200 Amaravati Bricks, 10/15/2015 10:12:37.003

Foundation Stone Ceremony of Amaravati

Contact Information

Lenin Center , Governor Pet, VIJAYAWADA - 520002 , ANDHRA PRADESH - INDIA.

Phone : 0866 - 2577475, Fax : 0866 - 2577357

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Mail Id : donations@apcrda.org

Website : www.amaravati.gov.in