1) What is ‘A Brick’?

A: ‘A Brick’ means Amaravati Brick.


A: Hon’ble Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has launched a novel initiative called ‘A Brick’ (Amaravati Brick), to make people of the state, partners in the developmentof the new capital of Andhra Pradesh Amaravati. This reflects the determination of Hon’ble CM to make Amaravati a true People’s capital- PRAJA RAJADHANI.

3) How much I can donate to MY BRICK – MY AMARAVATI?

A: People can donate minimum Rs.10 (1 ‘A Brick’) to maximum of 100 crores (10, 00, 00,000 ‘A Bricks’).

4) How we can check our donation made is successful?

A: You will get a confirmation through e-mail, SMS (e-receipts) and a CERTIFICATE OF COMMENDATION signed by Hon’ble Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu.

5) How to save Certificate of Commendation?

A: Certificate of Commendation can be saved by mouse right clicksave as

6) What is Reference Number?

A: A: Reference Number is the unique number with which you can track your donations. Retrieval of donation certificate through this reference number/mobile number is available.

7) How can I view partner details?

A: Partner details can be viewed/pulled through https://amaravati.gov.in/ Scroll Down Click on “View More” in “Partner in Development of Amaravati” area Click on “All Partner Details” on left top of the page.

8) Who can donate to MY BRICK – MY AMARAVATI?

A: Anyone, either an Individual, Organization, Family or Friends group can donate to MY BRICK – MY AMARAVATI.

9) Is Uploading Photo Mandatory?

A: No, uploading photo is not mandatory. However, you can view your photo in partner details area in Amaravati.gov.in website in case if you upload the same while doing the transaction. It is encouraged to upload photo.

10) Can I get my photo uploaded into Donor Certificate?

A: Yes

11) Is Donation from Non-Residents accepted?

A: Yes, donations from NRI’s (Non Resident Indian) are accepted soon as required approvals are underway.

12) What is the process of donations through Mee-Seva/Post Office/Cheque/DD/Money Order/hundi’s etc.?

A: As of now, donations through net banking, credit cards, debit cards are accepted through Amaravati.gov.in website.

13) Are the donations given through Amaravati.gov.in eligible for tax exemption under U/s. 80G?

A: Discussions are initiated with Central Government to get this donated amount exempted U/s. 80G and we are waiting for their approval. We will update you soon on this.